21st September 2017 0

Slowing Runcorn Property Market? Yes and No!

My thoughts to the landlords and homeowners of Runcorn… The tightrope of being a Runcorn buy-to-let...
14th September 2017 0

Supply and Demand Issues mean Runcorn Property Values Rise by 4.4% in the Last 12 Months

The most recent set of data from the Land Registry has stated that property values in Runcorn and the...
7th September 2017 0

Runcorn’s New 3 Speed Property Market

“What’s happening to the Runcorn Property Market” is a question I am asked repeatedly. Well, would it...
31st August 2017 1

Runcorn Property Market and Mysterious Politics of the General Election

As the dust starts to settle on the various unread General Election party manifestos, with their...
24th August 2017 0

Runcorn Homeowners and their £551.1 million Debt

Over the last 12 months, the UK has decided to leave the EU, have a General Election with a result that...

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This blog follows the buy-to-let and general property market in and around the Runcorn area in Cheshire. You'll find tips, guidance, and analysis that relates specifically to Runcorn. If you're thinking of buying a property to let in the Runcorn area, or just want some general property / market related news and advice about the area, please feel free to get in touch! I would love to hear from you Helen Pass 01928 246 888


I’m Helen Pass from HomeSmart Lettings in Runcorn. I’m a landlord who continues to invest in local property as well as manage my own rental portfolio. In 2014 I setup HomeSmart Lettings not only to manage other landlords properties as if they were my own, but also to give some tips as to how to best go about investing in property.